CROCKER HAZELL Dance Class Testimonial Woy WoyWow! Where do I start when we have had 10 wonderful years of awesome memories with Dancinality.

Angel started doing jazz when she was 6 years old. I remember thinking how sickly shy my girl was and wondered how Miss K and Miss Alex was ever going to get her on a stage. Sure enough the concert came, dancing away without a worry in the world. Her dance moves weren’t perfect, but in my eyes she shined like a star and I know this would have been hard for her.

I felt so happy that I had started her in dance class because this was the start of her developing self confidence and self-esteem (which has taken years to perfect with the help of Dancinality).

I have learnt and realised that Dancing is a personal experience for our children. We should be there to encourage and support them, but we should also trust in the teachers to use their experience to teach them what they know. Our children will learn to develop great relationships and learn how to be beautiful dancers if we put our trust in Dancinality. The Office Staff and Dance teachers do an amazing job at keeping them safe for us so we can relax.

As a lot of people are aware I have had Cancer for 2.6 years. Angel, my family & I have had so much support from Dancinality. I have always been able to ask to how Angel was going and they were only too happy to answer my questions. Every time I turn up to the studio (which isn’t often these days) I am welcomed with open arms. They help me and have continued to help my daughter shine like a star and to keep developing confidence and self-esteem.


Lisa James Dance Class Testimonial Woy WoyTo anyone looking for a dance school on the Coast I can’t recommend Dancinality highly enough.My 11 year old daughter has been a part of the Dancinality family since she was 3 years old. Two of my boys also have taken the funk classes & I myself (being no dancer) have been taking classes for a number of years and I just love it. The teachers and staff are fantastic and there are so many classes to choose from. My daughter recently had the opportunity to travel overseas as part of the dance troupe to the USA and it was an amazing experience for all of us.




Linda Law Dance Class Testimonial Woy WoyI enrolled my eldest daughter 5 years ago at the age of 3 with Dancinality and decided to try a class as well. Having never stepped into a dance studio or taken a dance class in my life I was a little hesitant but everyone was so welcoming and the teachers are very patient. I have tried all styles from Tap to Burlesque but Jazz is my love. All of the ladies are great and we have a lot of laughs each week. I know I have made some life time friends. I can’t imagine spending my Tuesday’s nights any other way. My youngest daughter is also now dancing and can’t get enough each week.




Maddi Wuth Dance Class Testimonial Woy Woy“I have been dancing since I was 5 but it wasn’t until my previous dance school closed down that I made the move to Dancinality in 2009. The thought of having to adjust to a brand new dance school and not know anybody there was daunting at first, though both the staff and students here helped me make a smooth transition. I began taking only a few classes back when I was first welcomed into the Dancinality family. I have now added Performance to my classes, hence I do JTK and SSS weekly too. This means I get to participate in eisteddfods and other fun peformance opportunities that may arise throughout the year. I have completed 6 RAD Ballet exams with Miss Kristie and am currently approaching my Advanced Foundation exam. Although it has taken time, I feel I have made a dramatic improvement in both my technique and performance over the past few years and I have the wonderful teachers at Dancinality to thank!”


Kompass Dance Class Testimonial Woy WoyWe have been part of the Dancinality family for 7 years. Our daughter started dancing there as a tiny tot at 3 years old. Little did we know then where this would take her and us.

Why did we choose Dancinality for our daughter? A recommendation – warm, welcoming, quality dance training and the kids love it. I had never danced as a child so the dance world was foreign to me as I had no idea what to look for. We had not lived on the Central Coast for long so I certainly did not know anything of the local dance schools. Our daughter was 3, what did it really matter at that age anyway. The staff seemed lovely on first meeting and the tiny tots Saturday classes suited our schedule.

Why have we stayed at Dancinality? There are many local dance schools we could choose from but right from the start we felt and became part of the Dancinality family. Miss Kristie is so incredibly creative and talented, as is her teaching staff. She is so passionate about what she does, and dares the kids to dream big. The end of year pantomime is amazing and the opportunity to be a part of a huge professional production like this is great experience and training for the kids. It is so much more than just an end of year dance concert. Miss Kristie and her staff nurture and challenge the kids not only in their dancing but generally to be good people, have goals and commitment. There is so much on offer for the kids, and so much opportunity! Mrs Sharyn and her office staff are extremely organised and very passionate about supporting Miss Kristie and making Dancinality home to so many families.

I watch in amazement at what my daughter can do at 10 years old, and the passion to dance that has been ignited in her. Dancinality is certainly family to our family.


Karli Waterson Dance Class Testimonial Woy WoyI joined Dancinality the first year it opened in the adult class for exercise and fun. And they haven’t been able to get rid of me.

Walking into a class with no skill what so ever and very nervous, I was welcomed by not only Kristie & Sharyn but also the fabulous people in the class

From the first night walking out of that class with a smile on my face and a desire to go and buy a pair of jazz shoes, the dancing bug had caught me. The younger version of myself was excited! Each year I was keen to try a new style. Jazz, Tap, Modern, Funk & Hip Hop. Now I’m trying my hand at burlesque as well as the new fitness classes. Every class I have been involved in, I have walked away with a smile and more confidence in myself.

The School is a family run business, and you feel that when you walk through the doors. It’s that feeling of your coming home. The support given to the younger students through to us older students is incredible. Not one person is forgotten.

At Dancinality I have had many experiences and opportunities I would never had thought possible and to say I have made life longs friends through the school is an understatement. Thank you Miss Kristie& Mrs Sharyn., I don’t think I would have become the person I am today without your influence and support in and out of the studio.

I have been asked often by people I know if I recommend a dance school here on the coast, and there is only one answer….. Dancinality!