Preschool Curriculum

Young children love to move. Watching them play at the park; running, skipping, swirling, sliding, illustrates the necessity of movement for their wellbeing and contentment. Not only does movement help children to feel good about themselves, but it helps them to learn. Through movement children develop their bodies, their minds, their confidence and their ability to communicate, express and in turn socialise. Young children are learning all the time, and during these early years most of their learning is connected to movement.
The importance of movement in the development of children has been well researched and documented by educationalists and psychologists alike. Most believing that children who are exposed to early physical education in an instructional environment will acquire the skills and attitude required to further participate in a healthy and active adult lifestyle. Combining this theory with children’s general love of music, play and laughter we have created our preschool dance curriculum.
The Shining Stars program is a fantastic enhancement to dance training as it provides a rich learning environment for young students, which is critical at the early stages of life. The Shining Stars program is a fresh approach to early dance education where children are availed variety and flexibility in the way they learn and interact within the class.
There is a strong emphasis placed on building each child’s body awareness and sense of self. We wish for each child to blossom and grow not only as beautiful dancers, but unique confident and independent little people.
The program incorporates an array of teaching mediums to stimulate each child’s imagination and sense of exploration. While the classes will evidently improve one’s coordination and gross motor skills there is also a large focus placed on musicality, creativity & performance skills.


Through participation in appropriate learning activities children can:

Move with increased control, co-ordination and confidence.

Move with an awareness of the body and an understanding of how it moves through space.

Demonstrate a developing sensitivity to music through movement.

Express feelings and emotions through movement.


Rising Stars                                18months – 3 Years             Jazz & Ballet                          30minutes

   Super Stars                                  4 – 5 years                      Jazz, Ballet & Tap                             1 hour