Mainstream Dance Classes

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet teaches you the importance of technique. There is strong emphasis placed on learning correct posture, foot articulation & weight placement as well as artistry and musicality. This is learnt of course in a fun, safe learning environment.





This class is a high impact cardio workout suitable for all ages. From Broadway to Commercial styles & focusing on flexibility & strength, this is a great way to have fun & get fit.






This class covers styles from slow, traditional waltz to speed & street tap. Tap pays particular attention to musicality, rhythm & timing. So get in there and make some noise. Exam work also available (See Exam classes for further info)





Modern is less rigid to other ballet styles and experiments with shape, balance & dynamics. This class is a combination of expressive, lyrical and contemporary dance. Suitable and enjoyable for all ages.





Hip Hop

This non-stop cardio workout will teach you the latest urban funk, hip hop & house moves. Just like what you see on the video clips. Students will learn techniques like sliding & waving to popping & locking.





Adult Classes

This is a great way to get fit while having a few laughs with new friends. The classes available are Jazz, Tap, Modern & Burlesque.






Classes for Littlies

Stars Program

These classes teach the littlies basic balance, rhythm & co-ordination. These classes are graded by age and take in ballet, jazz and tap, depending on the age. Children will use both physical and visual aids and will progress up through the program. Classes are structured around accredited syllabus.

Further information available from our qualified staff.