Dance classes are not only about learning to dance!  Dancing teaches students commitment, self-discipline, grooming and professionalism.

We now have a compulsory uniform here at Dancinality. For the past 15 years we have never implemented a compulsory uniform as we have always wanted to instill individuality and the freedom of self-expression in our studio as well as trying to save our dance families some money. However, here we are 18 years down the track and we now feel with size, standard and reputation of the studio it is now an imperative time to take on a more professional attitude and hence the new look. All uniform pieces are available for purchase at The Dance Shoppe’, right here at our studio!

We have a wonderful range of uniform pieces that we are sure will suit the various ages ,budgets and personalities of or students. We are pleased to be able to still promote each students sense of style and originality while keeping dance affordable for all families. We do not expect anyone to go out and purchase the entire range however, it is anticipated that by the end of term 1 all students will have at least one item of the Dancinality uniform to wear to class each week. These items can be paired with something black.